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Составить 20 билетов на английском языке





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1) The United States of America, History of the U.S.A (geographical characteristics, the relief, lakes and rivers, the climate, political system, important cities, places of interest, important historic events, important personalities, great historical figures of the period, presidents) 2) The United Kingdom, History of the U.K. (geographical characteristics, the relief, lakes and rivers, the climate, political system, important cities, places of interest, important historic events, important personalities, great historical figures of the period, historic monuments) 3) Canada, Australia and New Zealand (the political systems, places of interest, important events in history, the population, great figures of history, characteristics of several works of art and/or literature) 4) London, New York a Washington D.C. (history, historic monuments, tourist attractions...) 5) The Czech Republic (geographical characteristics, the relief, rivers, the climate, political system, important cities, places of interest, great figures of history) 6) British Literature, American literature (my favorite British, American, Canadian writers and novels or short stories I have read) 7) School and education in the U.K. and in the U.S.A., My education (Compulsory school attendance, types of schools (pre-school, elementary, secondary, post- secondary), private/public sector, your school days, the best/worst memory of your school days, school subjects and examinations, language learning, your favorite school subject/teacher) 8) Sport (different kinds of sports, summer and winter sports, hiking, sports and health, the Olympic Games, your favorite sport/game, to what extent is sport important in today's society?, sports and games popular in the English speaking countries) 9) Travel and transport (preparations for a trip, types of accommodation, hotels and camping, description of a recent journey, the longest journey you have ever made, means of transport, the importance of transport, ports, airports and railway stations, cars and driving, accidents) 10) Climate and weather, Seasons (characteristics of the four seasons, activities we do - clothes we wear in different seasons, the weather forecast, the climate in your country) 11) Holidays, festivals and Celebrations (holidays and celebrations in English speaking countries, their origins, the main holidays, festivals and celebrations in your family, describe your most recent family celebration, your favorite celebration, have you ever organized a festival/celebration in your school) 12) Family - family life, my family (Family members, relatives, the ideal partner, autobiography, friends, their characterization, hobbies...) 13) Home and furniture / Housing / House and Home (how and where you live, furnishing a flat, the parts of a house, furniture and furnishings, equipment, housing problems, your dream home ...) 14) Food - Meals - Cooking (food and cooking, meals of the day, typical meals of UK, USA, eating in restaurants, eating places, your favorite dish, healthy food) 15) Clothes and Fashion (Kinds of clothes, clothes for special occasions, footwear, sportswear, at the tailor's or dressmaker's, fashion, fashion shows/magazines, colors and patterns, jewelry, accessories, making your own clothes, mending clothes) 16) Shopping, Public Services (Shops, special shops, shopping habits in your country, various goods, advertising, at the department store, supermarket, at a trade fair, services available in your area, delivery services, repair shops, at the shoemaker's, at the watchmaker's, , at the hairdresser's, etc.) 17) Hobbies and Interests, My Daily Program (Working days, at school, at work, at home, weekends, calls and invitations, learning foreign languages, evening classes, photography, gardening, hobbies and pastimes, sports, meetings and parties, social behavior, entertaining visitors, eating out, lifestyles) 18) Jobs and Work (The working day, trades, pay, looking for a job, applying for a job, a job interview, your idea of a good job, traditional jobs in your country, housework, labor saving machines in the workplace, role of the au-pair in a family, social security, unemployment) 19) Environment, Nature, animals and plants (Major problems facing the world's environment, progress vs. ecology, how to be environment- friendly, important geographical terms, natural catastrophes, wildlife, animals in zoos, zoos vs. nature reserves, plants, garden/wild flowers, parts of the animal body/plant, pets, general animal terminology, the basic classification of animals) 20) Sightseeing, Showing visitors around, On holiday (Your home town, the main attractions in the CR, Prague, Brno, The Giant Mountains ..., historical periods and styles, museums and galleries, scenic beauties, joys of the countryside, tourism - good or bad for the country?, the type of holiday you prefer, your last/best/worst holiday, at a travel agency, holidays in our country and abroad)

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